Which Size Breast Implant is Right for Me?

January 20, 2015 Joshua M Cooper

This is a very common question that women ask us during their breast augmentation consult.  There are several factors that we use in order to determine which size implant will suit you best.  

First and foremost, we want to know what your goals are!  Many women, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, tell us they wish to look “natural” after their breast augmentation.  Of course, not everyone’s definition of “natural” looking breasts is the same!  Therefore, some women will bring photos on their cell phones that they have found on the internet to demonstrate the look they are seeking.  This can be quite helpful in helping to determine what your expectations are.

Secondly, we perform a careful breast examination, and we take some important measurements to help us determine which range of sizes your breast/chest anatomy will best accommodate.   For example, a 400cc implant for one woman will look much different for another woman whose frame is more petite and/or has smaller breasts to begin with.

Third, and finally, we have found that having you perform sizing with our very experienced nurse/patient care coordinator really helps us narrow the implant size down to the appropriate one.  Sizing involves you trying on various silicone implants in a sizing bra to help determine which one looks/feels right. 

By using the factors mentioned above, we can be quite confident that the chosen implants we take to the operating room for you will result in a very pleasing look that you are expecting.  Although some plastic surgeons may use sizers in the operating room to help determine what looks best, we find this to be unnecessary.  By not using sizers in the operating room, we will cause less trauma to your own tissue, and this also cuts down on the amount of time you’ll spend in the operating room.

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