Which Swedish Edmonds Baby is Your Favorite?

June 13, 2011 Amy Morrow

Babies are born nearly everyday at Swedish Edmonds – in fact we had our 60,000th baby born just a few weeks ago. It was quite a milestone in our hospital’s 47-year history. So it’s always an exciting time at our Childbirth Center. Now we have two new reasons to celebrate. Our Childbirth Center is newly redesigned with new flooring, furniture and lighting, and we have a new tour at the hospital – the Have a Happy Birth Day tour. The tour helps women who are newly pregnant or who are considering becoming pregnant learn all about birthing options available at Swedish Edmonds.

With a new tour and a new look, we’ve invited four of our precious Swedish Edmonds patients and their parents to celebrate with us. You’ve probably seen their adorable photos on the Have a Happy Birth Day billboards along Highway 99 in Edmonds, Highway 527 in Mill Creek and along the Mukilteo Speedway. There’s nothing like a 14-foot baby to get your attention!

All of our newborns are favorites at Swedish Edmonds, but we’re wondering which one is your favorite? Which of the four baby billboard photos below makes you smile or maybe inspires you to Have a Happy Birth Day?




We invite you to leave a comment/vote below about why a baby is your favorite. Be sure to use the little one’s name in your comment, so we know which baby you’re voting for and please only vote once. The baby receiving the most votes will receive a $200 gift card.

Votes will be counted until July 22. Once we have votes tallied, we’ll be sure to announce the Swedish Edmonds favorite baby.

In the meantime, if you’re an expectant parent, we welcome you to take a free tour of the newly redesigned Childbirth Center at Swedish Edmonds or learn more about the Have a Happy Birth Day Introductory Tour by calling 206.215.3338. You may also visit  Swedish Classes & Resources for tour dates and times.

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