What's Your Favorite Excuse?

June 24, 2011 Swedish Blogger

When it comes down to the choice of rear-facing and forward-facing, there are lots of ‘reasons’ why parents don’t want to keep their child rear-facing longer, but there’s only one reason that counts for keeping them rear-facing, and that’s nearly eliminating the risk for spinal cord injury for your child.

As car seat technicians we hear all kinds of reasons why parents don’t want to keep their child rear-facing.

What parents say: Our answers (and what we’d like to say):

1. “Their feet are touching the seat.”




1. Kids are quite comfy with their legs criss-crossed. Once we turn them forward facing, their legs will dangle. Dangley legs can cause a slight rise in blood pressure and slightly affect circulation. That will cause them to get uncomfortable and cranky in the car. Most adults get uncomfortable on long car rides and will tuck one foot under the other leg or adjust their weight.

2. “I want to be able to see their face.”


2. You should be watching the road.

Or: You get to see their face when you’re not in the car.


3. “I know I’d be car sick riding rear-facing.”
3. Unless you’ve done it, you don’t know, but chances are the child isn’t complaining or throwing up.
4. There will be plenty of time for the baby and the baby wants to be like them.”
4. There will be plenty of time for the baby and the baby wants to be like them.” to be like the big kids, when he’s older, like the big kids, but let’s get him there first, safely.

5. “I’ve already turned the baby forward-facing, and I don’t think the she’d like it if I turned her back around."


5. Who's the parent?

6. “I don’t see anyone else doing it.”


6. Be the trendsetter!

7. “I get weird looks from my friends.”


7. Educate them
8. “You know, I don’t know why we even need a car seat. I never sat in one, geez we didn’t even use seat belts when I was a kid, and I’m just fine!”
8. We were the lucky ones.



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